Аcordes Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
Chapter III [Intro] Em7 Is this the real life A7 Is this just fantasy D7                 Am7 D7 Caught in a landslide
acordes Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival
[Intro] Am F/C C G C [Verse] C Someone told me long ago C G There’s a calm before the storm, I know C It’s been coming for
What are the most important musical signs?
In this entry we will see the most important musical signs, the ones that you will find most often in a score. There are many musical signs that are not
3 guitar scales for beginners
There are three guitar scales that a beginner needs to know. The C major scale, the D major scale and the A major scale. In this video we show you
Сhords Las Mañanitas – Popular
INTRO [G]x2             G D7 These are the mañanitas             G C that King David sang,                  D7 G and today because it is your
8 easy arpeggios for beginners
There is a wide variety of arpeggios that we can play on the guitar, but if you have never played any I recommend starting with these 8 easy
The notes of the guitar. How to learn the entire neck in 10 steps.
In this entry I want you to learn all the notes of the guitar, we are going to divide them by zones of the neck and by levels.
Learn to read sheet music. An easy way to do it
Learning to read sheet music is not very scientific, if you learn what I am going to tell you it will be enough to know how to read sheet music. What is
musical accidentals: what they are and how they are used
Accidentals are musical symbols that modify the intonation of a musical note. In this entry we will see the different accidentals and how they are used. what are
The strings of the guitar. Name of the notes in the air
The guitar is an instrument that offers many possibilities of expression. Therefore, when a string is plucked it generates a vibration and the sound is produced. On the other