Guitar strings: Which ones to buy?

If you don’t know which guitar strings you need, in this guide I will show you which string sets you can use. First we will see the strings for Spanish guitar, then for electric guitar and finally we will talk about acoustic guitars. Keep in mind that when we choose guitar strings, the guitar you have influences a lot, that is to say, we cannot blame the sound exclusively to the strings.

Guitar strings: Personal experience

Each person’s experience with certain guitar strings also has an influence. For example, if you buy a set of strings for the first time and a string breaks as soon as you put it on, that will condition your opinion about a certain brand. However, string breakage is very common.

Finally, these guitar strings you see here are not ordered from best to lowest so don’t be guided by this criterion. Choose the ones you really like and read the reviews you find in the links to get an idea of what you want for you and your instrument.

Spanish guitar strings

Black cat

It is one of the most purchased guitar strings. These strings have a nice sound and the feel is nice. Each string comes individually packaged and the most curious thing about this set is that it also comes with a small booklet of chords and scales.


Hannabach is a reputable German brand of Spanish/classical guitar strings. They are high precision guitar strings, they are a bit more expensive than the others but it is a safe bet, especially for classical guitarists. The tuning is perfect, the sound is sweet and has a lot of resonance in a concert guitar.

D’addario Pro Arte

These Spanish guitar strings are normal tension. They offer volume balance and are also very comfortable. The intonation is correct, they have a warm tone and also quite a lot of projection.

This set of strings has a good quality/price ratio although you may find others a bit more resistant than these for a higher price. Its strong point is in the bass strings because the first three strings wear out quickly.


The Augustine brand has strings for Spanish, acoustic and electric guitar. These strings have good trebles although they are not as durable as other brands.

This set is packaged in three envelopes and each one comes with two strings. Their sound is not the most powerful but they are quality strings at an affordable price. If you are going to choose these strings it is better that it is for a classical guitar and not a flamenco guitar.

La Bella

Strong tension strings are not recommended for guitars without reinforced necks. The basses have a lot of force and it is a little difficult to adapt to the touch. Nevertheless, they are reliable strings and aesthetically beautiful. They have a deep sound and quite bright in the trebles. The first three strings are black.

Electric guitar strings


Strings are pleasant to the touch due to the coating. They have a bright and warm sound, they are fast and you can easily slide down the neck. Maybe some people don’t like this touch but with time you get used to it.

Ernie Ball Slinky

The main attraction of these strings is perhaps their publicity, as they are used by guitarists such as Eric Clapton or John Mayer. These strings last a long time and have a balanced, bright and classic sound.


D’Addario is one of the most used brands by guitarists although all the other strings in this list are also well known. This set of strings has a correct sound and are ideal for live playing.

They may wear out quickly if you play a lot but if you wipe the neck with a cloth after playing they will last twice as long. They have a good tone and have precision winding.

Dean Markley

Dean Markley is another well-known American brand that manufactures stringed instruments and of course guitar strings. These strings have a high durability and also a quite economical price compared to other brands. Good tone, bright, comfortable and economical.

Acoustic guitar strings


If you are looking for a comfortable feel, these are the strings you need. They have a crisp sound and presence and they take a long time to corrode. However, as I said above, this can be subjective for reasons such as the guitar you have, the gauge you buy or even your playing style.

D’Addario Phosphor Bronze

This guitar string set comes with phosphor coating. It has great tonal resonance and sounds great when played live. Very comfortable for slides as well. If you go for a higher gauge than this, keep in mind that they will be very hard and you will have to apply more finger strength.

Ernie Ball Earthwood Extra Light

These Ernie Ball guitar strings are made of 80% copper and 20% zinc wire wrapped with coated steel. Their sound is crisp and has nice overtones. You also have the option to buy the Light, Medium and Rock & Blues. The latter is more adapted to the style that gives them their name.

Martin & Co.

These guitar strings are recommended if you have a Sigma or Martin guitar. They may lose their brightness too quickly and their appearance changes once the guitar has been played many times. In other words, good sound but little durability. Maybe if you are a person who changes strings a lot you will get the most out of them.

Dellwing Guitar Strings

American brands of guitar strings win by a landslide in this list, however this German brand should also be taken into account. They are easy to install and keep in tune shortly after installation. They have a mellow tone and brilliant treble. If you usually play Country, Blues or a similar style on your acoustic guitar, these are recommended.

Guitar strings: Final tips

Sometimes it is not easy to decide on strings. As I said above, there are many things that have to do with the taste and experience of each one. My final advice is to try all kinds of strings because in the end everyone ends up deciding for one or the other.

For example, I use a different brand for my acoustic, electric or Spanish guitar. Sometimes you also have more experimental times when you want to try different strings, or maybe another day you buy a new guitar and you realize that a brand you didn’t trust sounds better on that one, and so on with many variations.

That said, don’t close yourself off, explore and don’t be afraid to try. You may be surprised by some of them. Finally, do you know of any other brand worth mentioning? Leave it in the comments.

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