About BillyBadAxe.com

Billybadaxe.com is about learning guitar, getting better at guitar, guitar gear, practicing, and reaching your goals as a guitarist.

If you read billybadaxe.com, i hope you might learn something about guitars, technique or equipment, and maybe come away a little better off in your guitar journey.


Billybadaxe.com is written mainly by me, dave parker. I love guitars–started playing in 1985, then quit for a long time, then picked it up again in the new digital world. Back in the day there was no such thing as the internet and if you wanted to learn something new you picked up stuff from friends or you learned to play by ear. Now it’s a veritable smorgasbord of online guitar goodness! Youtube guitar vids! Tab online! Woohoo! More boring stuff on dave here.


  • #1: because i’m on a mission to be a better player, and i’m going to write down everything along the way. What could you possibly learn from some guy who’s taken the last 25 years off from guitar? Maybe nothing. But just maybe there will be something useful here, especially for beginners wanting to reach the next level. Hopefully you can learn something. And by all means, if you have something to say, please enlighten us with your wisdom in the comments section!
  • #2: because everyone got sick of me blabbing on all day about this new technique or that guitar pedal or some crusty guitar made in the fujigen plant in ’83. Here i can lay it all out and hopefully someone will find the info useful.


The billybadaxe.com guitar conservatory and underground testing facility is located in the northern part of the southern island of japan.

Who the heck is billy bad axe?

Billybadaxe is a memorable, funny domain name, that’s it. You could stretch it a bit and say maybe billy bad axe is the guitarist we aspire to be. Who doesn’t want to be a billy bad axe guitarist?! But mainly i just laugh when i hear it.

Before launching this site several fruity sounding names were bandied about, like: davesguitarjourney.com (who cares about dave’s journey?); getbetteratguitar.com (too long and clumsy); guitarvelocity.com (cool, but sounds dangerously close to a travel agency). And then my brother dismissed all of that nonsense and nailed it: billybadaxe.com–ok, that’s it.