Learn to read sheet music. An easy way to do it

Learning to read sheet music is not very scientific, if you learn what I am going to tell you it will be enough to know how to read sheet music.

What is a pentagram?

First of all, you have to know what a staff is, these are five horizontal lines where the musical notes (C, D, E, F, G, G, A, B) are placed either on the lines, on the spaces or in their proximity.

What does the treble clef tell us?

To this staff we add a symbol called treble clef. This is placed on the second line, counting from the bottom, and indicates that the note G will be placed on that line.

That said, once we know that the G is in the second line, counting from the bottom (thanks to the treble clef telling us this), we can know the name of the other notes that are placed on the lines or spaces. I also explain this in detail in the curso de lectura musical.

In this image you have the C scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si

 Without leaving the staff, above the lines we have the following notes:

And about the spaces we have these:

That is, the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B are put in the spaces or lines consecutively and when you reach B, you start the sequence again. This depends on the range of the instrument:

Let us now look at those notes that have lines:

Learning to read sheet music: The additional lines

On the other hand, musical notes are not only placed on the lines or in the spaces within the staff, learning to read sheet music also involves knowing the notes represented with the additional lines above or below the staff. For example:

Additional lines above

Additional lines below

Also keep in mind that it is not only necessary to know how to read the notes on the staff, but also what each note carries, be it a leer el ritmo that each note carries, whether it is a quarter note, quarter note, crotchet, quarter note, eighth note, etc.  In addition, it will also be necessary to recognize to a greater or lesser degree los símbolos más comunes que aparecen en una partitura. Anyway, don’t be overwhelmed, try to go little by little to learn how to read scores without getting tired.

How to read sharps and flats

Reading sheet music also implies knowing how to read accidentals. Aquí te dejo un post where I talk about how to read these symbols.

Exercise to learn how to read sheet music

Look at the image and try to say out loud all the musical notes that appear, if you write them on a piece of paper better. When you have it, click on the image and then press play to see the solution.

In short, you can learn to read sheet music if you practice and look for ways to improve yourself. Of course, there are also other ways of reflecting on paper what is written and not only with sheet music but also with las tablaturas de guitarra.

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