Сhords Las Mañanitas – Popular


            G D7
These are the mañanitas
            G C
that King David sang,
                 D7 G
and today because it is your saint’s day
                D7 G
we sing them to you.

      D7 G
Awake my good awake,
 D7 G
See that it’s dawn already,
                 C G
the birds are already singing
               D7 G
the moon is already hidden.


How beautiful is the morning
when I come to greet you

we all come with pleasure to congratulate you.
and pleasure to congratulate you.

The day you were born
all the flowers were born

at the baptismal font
the nightingales sang.

The dawn is breaking
and the light of day has already given us,
D7 – G
rise up in the morning
          D7 G
see it’s already dawn.

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