Guitar circles. Learn to play them all
Guitar circles are in a nutshell chord progressions based on a repeating harmonic circle. In other words, there are many circles. Those that people know as guitar circles,
Learn to play the guitar: The essential guide to get it.
In today’s post we will see a guide to learn to play the guitar in an orderly and progressive way. These tips for learning guitar can be carried
Musical figures on the staff. Value and measure
Music is not only sounds, it is also duration. In this lesson we will learn to distinguish the value of the musical figures in a 4/4 time signature as well
21 guitar chords for beginners
There are chords that everyone should know how to play, especially guitar chords for beginners, chords that are necessary to accompany a voice and also to play. Here you will
Musical notes: what are they and how are they written?
The musical notes are do re mi fa sol la si. Their names have a curious origin and are written on the staff according to their pitch and duration.
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So there I was, playing “Over the Hills and Far Away” for the thousandth time, and making the same mistake I always make, for the thousandth time. So
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For awhile now I’ve been wanting to play the lead solo to Stairway (studio version), which is not a particularly fast solo, but my speed just wasn’t up
How to Learn Guitar: 7 Tips for Beginners
Here are a few tips for the beginner starting to learn the guitar basics. Mindset is critical! These little bits of advice are more about your approach to
Guitar Technique: Anchoring Your Picking Hand Is Bad and Why You Shouldn’t Do It
Anchoring is touching part of your picking hand to the guitar body close to the strings, as opposed to an unanchored or floating style where the right hand