Romantic songs to play on guitar

If you are looking for romantic songs to play on guitar to dedicate them to someone here is a list that I will be expanding. This list of romantic songs that you see here, contains songs from all eras. There are modern and not so modern, from young artists and other more classic ones. Nevertheless, they are beautiful songs that never go out of fashion because of the subject they deal with.

On the other hand, these romantic songs to play on guitar have three links: one with the chords so you can practice them, another with a version of someone like you and me who wanted to share his talent by recording himself and finally you have another link with the original song.

Finally, the romantic songs on this list can be played on any guitar you have. to someone special or for pure delight. I hope you enjoy them.

list of romantic songs to play on guitar:

  • El perdedor – Enrique Iglesias
  • It was you – Ricardo Arjona
  • Solamente tú -Pablo Alborán
  • Who do I want to lie to – Marc Anthony
  • No me doy por vencido – Luis Fonsi
  • I dedicated myself to lose you – Alejandro Fernández
  • Suelta mi mano -Sin Bandera
  • Por Amarte Así – Cristian Castro
  • Another takes my place – Miguel Gallardo
  • Bed and Table – Roberto Carlos
  • Forgive me – Camilo Sesto
  • Así Fue – Juan Gabriel
  • My story between your fingers – Gianluca Grignani
  • Hanging in your hands
  • The most beautiful thing chords
  • Me muero – The Fifth Station
  • You Promised – Pepe Aguilar
  • You came when I least expected it – Leo Dan
  • And how is he – Jose Luis Perales
  • Eternal Love – Rocío Durcal
  • Amar y querer – José José José
  • How to look at you – Sebastián Yartra
  • You changed my life – Río Roma
  • Sabes – Reik
  • La incondicional – Luis Miguel

Later I will be adding more romantic songs to play on guitar. If you want me to add a specific song, leave your comment below.

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