10 useful and fun guitar strums

In this lesson I want to teach you 10 guitar strums that can take you to another level when you are playing songs you love. Once you learn these guitar strums or rhythms, you will begin to incorporate them into your technique and you will find that you will be able to use them in many songs to give them a more original touch and captivate the listener.

Let’s see how to play these strums!

Guitar strumming

Guitar strumming nº 1

Let’s start with this strumming that combines different figures that appear in the rhythmic figures post I mentioned above.

| D | A | Mim | G :|| D

Guitar strumming nº 2

There are many guitar strums that combine basic rhythmic figures like the ones you see below. Notice that there are only two types of figures. The 4 sixteenth notes and the eighth note with two sixteenth notes.

If you know how these figures sound separately, you will have no problem playing this strumming.

| Sim | La | Sol | Sol | Fa# :|| Sim

Guitar strumming nº 3

In this rhythm we start to mute some notes. This is written on the staff as an “x” above the stem or note stick.

In these guitar strums I recommend that you slow down the speed in the Youtube player so that you can understand and play it well.

| Lam | Lam | Fa| Fa :|| Lam | Lam

Guitar strumming nº 4

This is a strumming where we have a “greater than” sign above two notes to give it more strength. This wedge-shaped symbol tells us that we have to emphasize these notes more than the others. That is to say, the strumming has to be somewhat stronger.

Otherwise, look closely at the arrows and where the muted notes (the ones with “x”) fall.

| Do |Sol | Lam| Fa Fam :|| Do

Guitar strumming nº 5

 Practice it slowly and with only one chord and then play the whole progression.

| Lam| Lam | Mi | Mi | Rem | Rem | Rem | Rem | Do | Mi :|| Lam

Guitar strumming nº 6

This rhythm is one of the most basic rhythms to play on the guitar.  However, as here we also have an accent on two notes (>) the sonority changes quite a bit.

| D | A | G | A | A :|| D

Guitar strumming nº 7

This strumming is quite fun if you play it fast. Notice that it is the same rhythm as before but turning off some eighth notes and letting others play.

G | G | G | Sim | Sim | Sim | Do | Do | Re | Re :|| G

Guitar strumming nº 8

This strumming could be said to be the most flamenco of all the ones you see in this list of guitar strumming.

First play the rhythm without the strumming of the eighth note on the second beat and when you have it, slowly practice the strumming mentioned above with the ring, middle and index finger played slowly.

| Rem | Rem | Rem | Sol7 | Sol7 | Sol7 |Do |Mi7 | Lam | Lam | Lam :| Lam | Lam

Guitar strumming nº 9

This is the most complex of all the guitar strumming you see here. However, once you’ve mastered it, it will be one of the most fun.

As it is of higher difficulty you will see that there are only two chords, but you can add as many as you want once you have learned it.

                                                                               | Solm | Fa |

Guitar strumming nº 10

We arrive at the last strumming where we combine the techniquefingerpicking  with a simple strumming. Very useful and pleasant to the ear.

 G | G | G | Mim | Mim | Mim | Do | Do | Re | Re | G | G

That’s it. what strumming do you like the most? Do you have any questions or suggestions for a future lesson? Leave your comment below and I’ll help you.

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